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to the GitHub Pages of the international PHP Facebook Group, the following pages will show you our rules, a qualified FAQ containing most asked questions from our daily discoveries in our group, most wanted PHP tutorials, some PHP articles, information on how to get properly involved and a small overview who is representing the group as its staff.

But first, keep in mind that you accept the following rules of our group if you request a membership.

PHP articles (60)

Some of the most wanted tutorials and articles which will help you get started with PHP or learn something new. Sometimes you want to learn something more advanced about PHP.

Frequently asked questions (83)

We have prepared a set of most frequently asked questions with as qualified and unbiased as possible answers.

PHP Best Practices

Some of the PHP best practices that can simplify and improve your coding at the same time. Here is a list of PHP best practices.

have a good time at our group and don't be shy to ask your question.
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