How to make your own PHP framework?

Building your own framework can be useful for the following reasons:

  • You can learn a lot - advanced design patterns, concepts and software architecture
  • You know exactly what certain parts of your code does without learning from the documentation of others

However on the PHP market there are a lot of really quality open source frameworks that many projects and organizations use to build software better and faster. Picking established open source framework has its benefits:

  • When working in a team, people that already know certain open source framework can faster join the project
  • Better quality and a lot of identified and fixed bugs than your custom framework that hasn’t been tested in a lot of projects yet

What knowledge you will need to create a decent framework?

For creating a framework you will have to know OOP, design patterns, ORM, authentication, MVC (model view controller) and other advanced concepts.


Here are listed some useful resources and tutorials that can also help you create your own modern and quality PHP framework.

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