Membership Resurrection Act

of the International PHP Facebook Community


This act defines an optional mechanism available to administrators to grant the possibility of removing lifetime or permanent bans. There is no general right for members to request membership resurrection for a banned member, only administrators can grant a membership resurrection.


Membership resurrections can be applied to accounts which got banned for reasons (insults, general bad behavior, SPAM) that operate with low social risks. Membership resurrections can not be applied to accounts which were banned for reasons (terrorism, hacks, political hate-speech) that operate on high social risks.

A membership resurrection requires at least one warrant for the account. Warrant acts as a mentor to the person behind the account to observe and control the rehabilitation process.

A membership resurrection can only be applied after a ban-period of one week.

Warrants can only be people who are at least 3 months in the group.

Rights of Warrants

Warrants have the right to “give up” and request the termination of the membership resurrection. The termination of the membership resurrection has no effect to the warrants and will enforce the initial punishment.

Rights of Administrators

Administrators have the right to stop a membership resurrection when one or more warrants are identified as fake accounts.

Duration of the membership resurrection process

The membership resurrection process remains for a period of 8 weeks. After this week, the warrants are no longer responsible for the behavior of the resurrected membership.

Warrant responsibility

Warrants are responsible for any rule violation the resurrected membership may deal with. Regardless of the violation in detail, the punishment for both (warrants and resurrected memberships) will be the initially punished.

To clarify that: A rule violation by the resurrected membership will end with the permanent removal of the warrant’s membership and of the resurrected membership.

There is no place for discussion. Since a lot must went wrong to get banned, a resurrection of a banned membership must have high costs.

Engaged 04/2016 by the Administrators of the
International PHP Facebook Community
on behalf of a positive experience for everyone at the group